Comments of the Week: People actually look at our playlist

Since the last Comments of the Week, Vox talked with Father Kevin O’Brien S.J. about his trip to the top of Healy Hall, watched in terror as the Rent is Too Damn High guy sued the District Board of Elections, and taught the Prefrosh about truth, justice, and the American Way.

Fareed gave some helpful advice about the real state of alcohol laws in D.C. Basically, no one in the justice system actually cares. Now if only the same could be said of all the RAs.

I’m not a lawyer, but based on my reading of the D.C. code…

Underage drinking and fake ID possession has been quasi-decriminalized, so it’s definitely not worth it to lie if you’re picked up by MPD. You should be allowed to complete a diversion program, which is a class and some community service, in lieu of a misdemeanor conviction for a first and second offense (D.C. Code § 25-1002).

Also, upperclassmen shouldn’t be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, such as providing alcohol to underage folk, unless they’re more than 4 years older (D.C. Code § 22-811(a)).

In any case, you should generally be immune from prosecution for any offense if you call EMS to take care of someone that has had too much to drink or overdosed on drugs.

Vox‘s weekly playlist got some love last week. Well, look at that. Somebody actually reads that post.

dat drake sample doe, uh, liked the Drake sample.

props on ricky eat acid

And jj who eats children corrected Vox about the fact that, yes, even Norwegians chill extremely hard during the summer.

i been 2 longyearbyen and they enjoy drinking beers, chilling out, and eating burgers. don’t be so exclusive about your drinking beers, chilling out, and eating burgers. damn muricans

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