Prefrosh Preview: The major news of the 2013-2014 academic year

Every year, a few instances of major news happen in Georgetown. For student journalists, those times are very exciting, but, for everyone else, major news takes a variety of forms and could be good or bad. Sometimes, Georgetown news becomes a centerpiece of national attention thanks to loud-mouthed idiots. Other times, it’s the students themselves who are the morons, like when two freshmen tried to make DMT in their Harbin dorm room.

Last year had its own ups and downs, and Vox is here with a recap of the four biggest stories for anyone who wasn’t around for them.

Record-breaking donation from the Dodgers’ least favorite boss

Alumnus Frank McCourt (COL ’75), known for bankrupting the LA Dodgers and a messy, expensive divorce, was swayed by Georgetown’s excellent alumni relations team and donated  $100 million to Georgetown last September.

McCourt’s donation, the largest in Georgetown’s history, was used to create the McCourt school of Public Policy. McCourt’s gift will fund more faculty positions, the new Massive Data Institute and multiple scholarships.

For the cost of publicly identifying with a less-than-stellar example of Jesuit values, Georgetown got a graduate school that now has the resources to aim for the ranks of the University of California-Berkeley and Harvard. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Prior to the announcement of McCourt’s gift, Georgetown also opened the new campus of the School of Continuing Studies downtown.

Breaking Bad a little too close to home

Just a few months ago, towards the end of March, Daniel Milzman (COl ’16) used a weekend when his roommate was away to cook up a batch of ricin, one of the deadliest poisons known, in his dorm room.

After making the ricin, Milzman confided in an RA and friend that he had the poison and was considering harming someone, possibly himself, with it. This RA alerted Georgetown about it, and police and FBI stormed onto McCarthy 6 to search Milzman’s room and take him into custody. Milzman was charged for possession of a deadly poison within a few days.

Although the initial campus frenzy has since quieted, the reality has not changed for Milzman, who continues to be held in detention. The trial is still ongoing and Vox will continue to report on it throughout the year.

The war on housing and the satellite campus

Just a few weeks into the 2013-2014 academic year, GUSA executives Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14) revealed to the student body that the University administration was considering creating a small satellite campus somewhere outside of Georgetown.

Following backlash and a student referendum, the administration was convinced that a satellite campus would be a bad idea for Georgetown’s future and took the idea off the table, instead opting to renovate the old Jesuit residences to house students.

The entire issue stemmed from the 2010 Campus Plan. In 2012, Georgetown University signed this Campus Plan, which legally binds the University to move a substantial portion of its students back on campus. The demanding deadlines imposed by the Plan have caused administration to scramble to fulfill its quotas.

The most immediate requirement Georgetown must fulfill is to create 385 beds on campus by 2015. An earlier Prefrosh Preview gives helpful details on the dorms and renovations that the University is currently speeding through.

Sad Scott and Georgetown men’s basketball

Vox felt compelled to include some news that’s emotionally poignant in a difference sense. The world-famous visage of temporary celebrity Scott McCallum (MSB ‘16) captured the sentiment Hoya fans had towards the relatively dismal men’s basketball season, which ended with an unsuccessful run in the NIT. Georgetown didn’t even make the major championship tournament.

Shout-out to the cantankerous Voice sports section, whose goal in life is to be miserable about everything.

Photo: James Stewart via Flickr

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