Comments of the Week: Alcohol and conservative rants

Last week, Vox covered Congress’ bold move in trying to stop weed decriminalization in D.C., the Redskins losing their trademark because of racism, and Klink, the brand new alcohol delivery service that brings the booze right to your door.

why make this easier has a bold prediction of humanity’s inevitable future.

So now all we need is a marijuana delivery system and college students never have to walk again

But voxy does not roxy points out Klink’s biggest flaw(?).

But they don’t deliver Burnett’s… How are the freshmen supposed to get drunk??

And glen b wrote a borderline spam comment that’s longer than the actual post. Damn. Vox won’t post the entire thing here, but here’s one of the highlights.

If this seems like overposting, I generally publish when I’ve been assaulted, or when my privacy is ignored, or when my cats cry out in pain by some action of government. I’ve been assaulted thousands of times over the past decade now, I’m sure that estimate is accurate….My cats actually have scabs on their back as a result of being shot with energy weaponry. The federal government of course has all the power in the world to stop it.

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