Comments of the Week: The Corp and the rise of the proletariat

Last week, Vox reported on the Corp’s new prices, the University’s decision not to consider changing Georgetown’s rules about marijuana until the federal government does so, and one D.C. resident’s trouble buying alcohol in New Hampshire.

Jose79845 starts us off by pointing out the obvious.

It’s probably true, students will smoke copious amounts of pot on campus just as they did before the new law.

And Adam Smith lays a free market-style smackdown on the Corp for raising prices in one go to account for wage increases through 2016.

Let me get this straight… DC’s minimum wage went from $8.25 to $9.50 per hour on July 1 yet the hourly rate for Corp employees is going from $8.25 to $11.50?!? Why not wait until the DC minimum wage rate goes up to $11.50 in two years time before incresing Corp costs that need to be passed along to strudents? Could it be that those who are deciding on the wage increase are also benefitting from such increases? Taking advantage of customers under the guise of government mandate will serve the Corp management well in Wall St careers.


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