ANC considers banning dumpsters on the streets

At their meeting on June 30, members of ANC 2E, representing Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillandale, weighed the harmful impact that street dumpsters have on the neighborhood. The ANC may choose to ban or limit street dumpster use in Georgetown come September.

“These are huge receptacles that are wider than a parked automobile and take up precious space just in terms of available driving space on the street, and they also take up precious parking spaces,” commissioner Tom Birch said, somewhat fixated on the preciousness of the street, according to Dish.

Currently, it costs only $150 for a homeowner or construction company to use a street dumpster for an entire six months. That’s a whole lot of time to use a space meant for cars.

“These things sit there for days with a blue cover on them and nothing gets put in them for days,” Birch said.

In September, the ANC believes it will come to a decision regarding dumpsters. Right now, they are considering higher fees or tighter limits on how long a dumpster can sit in the road.

Photo: edkohler via Flickr

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