Comments of the Week: The CIO, our lord and savior from reply-all

Vox had a fun time last week. He got to laugh at the three students from the Med School who started a reply-all with the entire Georgetown email network, got a special look at the new student center in New South, and learned of the new Hindu chaplaincy, which starts this October.

Not Manny Miranda took it upon himself to talk Stewards conspiracy theories. Which commenter was it who pointed out that the longer a Vox comment thread goes on, the more likely it is that someone will bring up the Stewards?

Guys I totally think the whole stewards running for president every year is like the best tradition ever. well it totally would be if they ever won. but yeah. never too old to fail to rig a student government election. good times.

IT Person gave Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis props for stopping the reply-all disaster within an hour.

How does this even happen? And how the hell do they figure it out and put a stop to it within an hour? Damn, give that CIO a medal. She put those morons at NYU to shame.

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