Just the Tip: You left me like this, Superfood

Editor’s note: Just the Tip is back with a new columnist, Connor Rohan. Enjoy!

Dear Connor,

I’m from Spain, where the drinking age is, obviously, 18 and I’m coming to Georgetown this fall. I’ve never really spent much time in America, aside from a few family vacations and I have no clue what underage drinking is like. What should I expect? How much of a culture shock is it going to be now that the drinking is illegal and the place where I’m living is supposedly dry. Do they search bags or anything like that?

Trying to get Drunk

Hi Trying to get Drunk,

Luckily for you, living in America is just like one big family vacation, except that your family has been replaced with an overbearing government that is more at peace with you dying for a vague set of values than ingesting a beverage that predates writing by thousands of years. Not that I’d ever condone underage drinking, seeing as the law is perfect and reflects objective and absolute morality, but if you want to drink at Georgetown, you can drink at Georgetown. Don’t even worry about it. Don’t even fret. Georgetown is more of a damp campus than a dry campus, so you’ll be fine. Just be careful and try to conceal it when you can.


Dear Connor,

I start freshman year at Georgetown this fall. I’m very excited, but I’ve heard some disappointing things from my older sister about student clubs. She says that most are impossible to get into. Interviewing for the Corp is apparently all about seeming as interesting and eccentric but also laid back and cool as possible. And getting into Blue and Gray or NSO is all about who you know. How true is that? It was hard enough getting into this college, now I need to BS my way into some little club I want to join?

What’s your Biggest Weakness?

Hi What’s your Biggest Weakness?

Well first of all, it’s unlikely that I’d let anyone into my club if the best valediction that they can think of using is “best,” so I’d change that up if I were you. How about a classic “sincerely,” or a nice ol’ “thanks?” You can do better than “best.” Anything is better than “best.” Anyway, some clubs at Georgetown are hard to get into and some are not. Georgetown is a mix of both exclusive clubs and open clubs, so you shouldn’t worry about finding ways to engage the community. Furthermore, you shouldn’t sell yourself short and not try out for the exclusives just because they’re exclusive and you think you’ll get rejected. I’ve personally been rejected from exclusive clubs, but you forget the rejections quickly and painlessly and move on, so just go for it. Bottom line, your sister was being hyperbolic and you should tell her to stop being a drama queen.

Best Remember the Titans,

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