New policy changes to first-time violations by freshmen in Student Code of Conduct

Here’s some interesting news to all the freshmen who might be planning to leave their dorms in packs and roam the streets for parties for their first college weekend. The Office of Student Conduct is expected to announce through an email to the student body today changes to the Student Code of Conduct. A new “First-Year Record Policy” states that the University will maintain internal records, rather than disciplinary records, on freshmen who commit certain violations for the first time.

“GUSA and the Student Advocacy Office worked in conjunction with the Office of Student Conduct over the summer to make these changes, and they were formally incorporated in the 2014-2015 Student Code of Conduct,” GUSA press secretary Connor Jones wrote in an email to Vox[Full disclosure: Connor Jones is a former editor-in-chief for the Voice.]

The updated document, which is already available online, states that the University acknowledges the need for freshmen to adjust to a new “social environment.”


“This policy addresses students who may have had a lapse in judgment and/or decision- making during their first-year of college,” the policy’s statement of purpose reads. “It encourages students to take responsibility for their decision-making by giving tangible benefits to those students who learn from their mistakes and demonstrate better decision-making throughout the remainder of their Georgetown career.”

Now, after a freshman is found to have violated the Student Code of Conduct, completes his or her sanctions satisfactorily, and does not commit another violation, the Office of Student Conduct may maintain an internal record of the violation instead of formal disciplinary records. Internal records will not be shared with anyone outside the University, while employers or graduate schools can see disciplinary records.

Violations relevant to this policy are on-campus noise and alcohol violations, including drinking or possessing alcohol or using alcohol-related paraphernalia.

Transfer students in their first year of Georgetown are not covered by this policy.

If multiple of such infractions occurred during the same incident, and the student does not commit infractions other than on-campus noise and alcohol violations, then all the infractions from that incident will be removed from the student’s disciplinary record.

However, if student commits another Code of Conduct violation, then the first-time violation will be added back to the disciplinary record.

Photo: Georgetown Voice/Freddy Rosas

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