This Week in the Voice: Pieces of the Georgetown puzzle

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.19.12 PMIn this week’s feature, Caitriona Pagni, James Constant, and Elizabeth Baker write about four pressing issues, namely socioeconomic diversity, the University’s Catholic identity and the LGBTQ movement, disability activism, and free speech, that many on the Hilltop—students, administrators, GUSA hopefuls, and GUSA incumbents—will encounter in their Georgetown lives:

“Last Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a group of students trudged over to Healy Hall through the chill of the frigid early morning and set up a table. They didn’t have much besides a blue banner with “H*yas for Choice” written on it and a scattered assortment of pamphlets on sexual assault. 

Within 18 minutes of their arrival, this innocuous display proved enough to have Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety escort the group from the front gates to continue their activism off campus. These extreme measures left many students on campus confused and outraged.”

News covers the spectacular transformation of the entire University campus into a gigantic construction site, as well as New Student Orientation’s first ever mandatory sexual assault education session.

Leisure looks at the plethora of farmer’s markets in the delightful D.C. neighborhood that we live in so you can now afford to escape from the clutches of Leo’s and the Wisconsin Ave. Safeway.

Sports previews the men’s soccer team’s season and expects them to continue their unprecedented stream of successes from last year.

In Voices, Manuela Tobias expresses her frustration that Georgetown students are unable to engage in genuine dialogues about privilege, thereby perpetuating an ignorance of socioeconomic realities beyond their own.

The Editorial Board sees the polarized punditry and dialogue about Michael Brown‘s shooting as a manifestation that, fifty years after the signing of the Civil Rights Act, race remains an intractable pain in American politics and society.

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