Comments of the Week: Ride that slippery slope

Last week, Vox reported on new changes to the Student Code of Conduct which help freshmen have violations expunged, the death of Tombs and 1789 founder Richard McCooey (COL ’52), and the Post editorial board’s decision not to publish the Redskins’ name.

Vox drew some angry, long-winded commenters last week, so bear with us here. Screweth yee all valiantly jumped to the defense of Leo’s and its workers.

Yes, the workers should give more damns than they do. I mean its not as if they get paid barely enough money to just get by preparing and serving food to coddled privileged young assholes who though barely out of high school are probably far more accomplished than they could ever hope to be.

but actually though was having none of it.

you would get fired from a restaurant instantly (where you’d probably get paid the same as Leo’s pays you) if you treated customers the way Leo’s workers treat students. it’s Aramark that’s the problem (for being assholes), but by and large Leo’s workers wouldn’t make it a day in the regular food service industry

Gene Ralno seemed not to appreciate the Post‘s editorial board’s verdict on the Redskins’ name.

SARCASM: I wonder if The Post has considered the fact that with Michael Sam now in the NFL, many parts of other team names may join the brouhaha over the Washington Redskins’ name. Certainly the term “Rams” in the St. Louis Rams’ team name now is sexist and implies gender bias. In keeping with the new socially and politically correct world that condemns prejudicial and bigoted terms that compromise civil rights, shouldn’t The Post now condemn such terms too? In fact, shouldn’t The Post develop a list of all sports teams and ferret out the parts of names that insult, demean or otherwise may be perceived as hurtful to gays and lesbians? For example, many team names contain the term “Bulls” or “Stallions” or “Gamecocks” or “Cowboys” and on and on? How ‘bout it? Shouldn’t The Post lead big media in this campaign by thinking it through? SARCASM OVER.

Slippery slope arguments are a slippery slope. If we start allowing people like Gene to argue this way, then soon we need to listen to arguments that say that President Obama’s use of executive orders will lead to a totalitarian state.

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