The great cab battle for D.C.

In the District of Columbia, a city plagued by the worst traffic in the nation, app-based cab service Uber has come under fire from city regulation. City inspectors issued thousands of dollars’ worth of fines to Uber drivers Wednesday in an attempt to end their accepting street hails.

According to the Post,11 Uber drivers received tickets outside of the Fannie Mae headquarters building, just up the road from Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue. One driver claimed to be fined a total of $2,100 for violating various taxi regulations.

A spokesman for the D.C. Cab Commission Neville Waters said that the tickets were issued in response to a complaint from a property manager that pickups were creating traffic, according to the PostTaylor Bennett, a spokesman for Uber, denied claims that the drivers were doing anything wrong and that the Commission’s interference is harassment.

While Uber has sprung up so successfully due to its safe, fast, and reliable business model (especially in comparison to the lackluster D.C. cab system), cab companies are wary of the company’s lack of regulation and believe that Uber’s freedom from the rules puts it at an unfair advantage.

The once cutthroat D.C. cab companies are putting aside their differences to face the up-and-comer.

Hopefully neither company will resort to mob tactics and go to the mattresses too soon. Vox and the rest of Georgetown need a way to get home after a long night out without walking 100 miles to the nearest Metro stop.

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