Twuesday Tweetacular: Inappropriate Syracuse athletes


Heckler lau tweet

The Georgetown Heckler is right, as syllabus week is over. But not to worry… Now instead of scrolling through social media in a cubicle with endless carvings of romantic crushes from 2003, you can at least try the new Healey Family Student Center!

Josh G tweet

Vox feels you, Josh Gondelman. Any time after midnight is when you can kid yourself that the food you’re eating counts as breakfast.  And a note to all freshmen, go to sleep or the freshman 15 will happen.

Anthony Smith

Thank you, former Syracuse football player Anthony Smith for giving more reasons for Hoyas to hate Cuse. What a pig.

Lau tweet

Those grad students are always up to no good, Maddi.  The only thing worse than them hitting on you, is them actually using the “Graduate Student Only” study areas.

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