Concert Preview: Rubblebucket plunks into U Street Music Hall

“You’ve gotta dance like nobody’s watching.” For anyone wanting to get down to some dance rock next weekend, Vox has the perfect concert. Brooklyn’s Rubblebucket is performing Friday September 19 at U Street Music Hall.

In 2008 Rubblebucket released their debut album Rose’s Dream and has only grown in success since. SPIN Magazine chose Rubblebucket as a “must- hear artist from the 2009 CMJs.” In 2012, Rubblebucket made their television debut and performed “Came Out of a Lady” and “Silly Fathers” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Rubblebucket seamlessly incorporates funky horns, catchy synth loops, and percussion to craft their own brand of forward-thinking pop,” SPIN magazine wrote in June. The unique, uplifting sound is key to the band’s success. Indie-dance beats are energized with jazzy horn blasts, percussion, and vocals.

Their 2013 EP “Save Charlie” captures Rubblebucket’s up-beat style. The lyrics have the usual relationship sadness you’d expect from an indie band, but the quirky, optimistic music creates a different mood and will make you want to dance and sing along.

“The [live] band practically emits contagious rays of happiness,” QRO wrote of a NYC Rubblebucket show in January. The sound alone is dance-worthy, but Rubblebucket’s on-stage enthusiasm is infectious.

In 2013, lead singer Kalmia Traver was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and Rubblebucket took a hiatus from touring. Traver has fortunately recovered and Rubblebucket released their fourth album Survival Sounds in 2014.

If you’re in the mood to listen to good music and dance the night away, Rubblebucket will be performing at U Street Music Hall Friday, September 19. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased here. Body Language is opening and doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Photo: Rubblebucket via Facebook

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