Comments of the Week: Gotta see a man about a horse

Last week, Vox learned more fancy details about the new dorms in the old Jesuit residence, had another “whatever” reaction to the new college rankings, and got excited about hanging out with President John DeGioia during his new office hours.

Vox‘s coverage of El Centro’s award-winning bathroom got all the commenters talking about their favorite spots to get down to business. Pat Bateman loves going for the handicapped stall. He’s lucky he’s never stolen it from an actually disabled person. Oh, the awkwardness.

I’m on the verge of tears as I arrive at the Lau 1 bathroom since I’m positive the handicap stall will be taken. But it’s not. Relief washes over me in an awesome wave.

Joe C has just reminded us that there are nice, hotel bathrooms on campus.

The bathrooms in Leavey by the Athletics HoF are usually wonderful, too. Essentially an unused, high-end hotel bathroom rather than the standard ones elsewhere on campus.

sassy senior, meanwhile, is enjoying the fresh bathrooms over in the new student center while the nice smell still lasts, which is probably for another weekend of late-night studying at the longest.

I went to the restroom in the Healey Center yesterday and almost passed out from shock. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

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