This Week in the Voice: The student startups of Georgetown

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.33.20 PMStartups are all the rage these days, and Dayana Morales Gomez explores the landscape for the current crop of new student businesses at Georgetown in this week’s feature:

Though the startup boom at Georgetown seems to have gained traction lately, students who started their business only a few years ago reaped huge benefits from the mentorship at Startup Hoyas. This was the case for Rahul Desai (MSB ‘17), whose startup is in the market of reviewing the potential success of other startups—colloquially called a meta startup. Startup Hoyas provided him with unprecedented attention from faculty, local business leaders, and even the entrepreneurs-in-residence.

News covered the prayer service held in Dahlgren Quad for Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17), who died from apparent meningitis on Tuesday.

Leisure reviewed Samgram Majumdar‘s exhibit at the Spagnuolo Gallery and the big cast in This Is Where I Leave You.

Sports was aghast that football actually won a game. It’s about time. Hell must have frozen over.

In Voices, Jack Lynch argues that the new amnesty for freshman year conduct violations helps the freshman class learn from its early mistakes.

The Editorial Board recommends not giving too much attention to the U.S. News and World Report college rankings, which Georgetown did okay in, for the record.

And finally, Page 13 documents the phenomenon which makes Lau food truck options much more glamorous when customers are wasted.

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