Comments of the Week: Sad and seriousness news

Vox was saddened and upset by a lot of the news that happened last week. Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) died from a bacterial meningitis infection on Tuesday, an unknown assailant assaulted a student out of homophobia last weekend, and Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) pleaded guilty in a D.C. court to possession of ricin.

Here is a Vox Pupuli of tiny, adorable corgis.

The corgis apparently helped Pup find a little bit of happiness in a week filled with bad news.

That Corgi is so fucking happy. That helps with all the terrible news that’s been happening this week.

After the University alerted the student body of the fact that Jaime’s meningitis was bacterial, which is more dangerous than viral meningitis, Wat pointed out that they said it probably wasn’t bacterial the day before.

They emailed the whole school telling us that it’s probably not bacterial and then emailed us like “whoops, it’s definitely bacterial.” How did that happen?

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