This Week in the Voice: GU Improv brings humor to the Hilltop

edit1In this week’s feature, Halftime leisure editor Daniel Varghese writes about GU Improv, the group on campus that has brought an outlet of creativity and humor into the very professionally and academically driven Georgetown student body.

Of the nine active members of the group, only five had previous acting experience. For the majority of students in the group, the choice to audition for the troupe was a spur-of-the-moment decision, motivated by a random sighting of a flyer and irregular external confirmations of their humor.

Even though GU Improv thrives on-campus, comedy and the performing arts exist on the periphery of Georgetown’s culture. “When people think Georgetown, they think of a humorless, pre-professional world.”

News covers GUSA’s debut on its Multicultural Council, the D.C. Council’s new handgun carrier policy, the Lecture Fund’s event featuring the Malaysian Prime Minister, and GUPD’s removal of H*ya’s for Choice from a University sidewalk when protesting.

Sports reported on the victorious Hoyas in both women’s and men’s soccer, as well as Georgetown football’s first ever victory over the Brown Bears.

Leisure explored the latest trends of the District’s 10th annual fashion week, as Caroline Koch explores the depths and diversity of fashion from all the different residents and visitors of D.C.

In Voices, Jupiter El Asmar expresses his belief that commitments at Georgetown define us and we should hence dedicate our time to something we love, rather than subvert to the clubs that we think will look better on a resume or in a job interview.

The Editorial Board disagrees with the disregard for free speech by the University regarding the removal of H*ya’s for Choice from their silent protest, and argues that the University needs to uphold free expression as an institution of higher learning.

Page 13 gives a peak into the Hoya thought process of picking the perfect major.

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