Comments of the Week: Whose property is it anyway?

Last week on Vox, we asked our readers what to name the complex-sounding and swanky Healey Family Student Center (the Healz?), featured two heads of state, one of which Skyped in from Liberia to talk about the Ebola epidemic, and reported on D.C.’s new concealed carry law.

The biggest news of the week, though, was H*yas for Choice reliving their free speech, or lack thereof, nightmare while Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, was granted an honorary degree by Georgetown in an elaborate ceremony, courtesy of a blunder from the Georgetown University Police Department. RentADOPS had this to say:

I mean… DOPS (I refuse to call them GUPD) is full of morons who don’t know the rules or much of anything else. Double-digit IQ & triple-digit paycheck. What else is new?

Factchecker (Vox always needs some of this every now and then—they graciously grant us advertising revenue) argued:

“The MOU extended free speech protections throughout campus, but the incident yesterday took place on public property maintained by the District of Columbia, not Georgetown.”

No, campus extends outside the front gates. The new magis row and villiage b are on campus too. The front gates don’t demarcate campus borders.

To which DINOJACK responded:


Georgetown owns some townhouses and it owns Village B but it does not own the fucking sidewalk next to 37th Street. That’s public property.

Voice editor-in-chief Julia Tanaka also interviewed our benevolent president John DeGioia (COL ’79) on the state of this campus community. Alum wondered why we didn’t ask the following question:

Why didn’t you ask him to give the Voice a bigger office?!

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