This Week in the Voice: Sexual harassment from construction workers

In this week’s feature, Caitriona Pagni unveils the sexual harassment of female students from construction workers on campus. Multiple cases have arisen in the past year of sexual harassment and, as more and more contracting companies come onto campus, in light of so many construction projects, the University plans to meet with company managers to set boundaries between students and workers.

As Georgetown breaks ground on the many construction projects planned for the next two years, several female students have raised concerns for their personal safety in response to incidents of alleged sexual harassment from construction workers on campus. These complaints have  prompted University administrators to address this problem and devise solutions to better enforce boundaries of behavior for the construction workers on campus.

News covers the concerns over the reliability of SafeRides, the recently bankrupted vendor of Vital Vittles, the free speech concerns addressed at the GUSA roundtable, and the comparison of Georgetown’s sexual assault policy to that of other universities.

Sports covers the playoff bound D.C. United, the not-as-talked-about-but-very-successful Club Boxing, and the shocking death of Kevin Ward in this past summer’s NASCAR race.

In Leisure, Anna Nesterova reviews the Wooly Mammoth Theatre Company’s modern interpretation of David Adjmi’s Marie Antoinette. 

In Voices, Shalina Chatlani discusses the pressing issue and challenges of sexual assault for women in the workplace.

The Editorial Board discusses the effectiveness of the District Police’s new pilot program, in which they wear body cameras to prevent misconduct.

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