Comments of the Week: Making fun of GW is never inappropriate

Last week was quite busy for Vox. A group of alumni wrote a letter to the administration admonishing them for the incident when H*yas for Choice was removed from the front gates by GUPD, Vox interviewed Reed Howard (SFS ’17), one of the two candidates for the student chairs on the ANC, and a group of black students filmed a spoken word protest titled “Am I Next?” in response to the shooting and subsequent protest in Ferguson, MO.

HotChickwithBBQ enjoyed the Voice‘s rad cover addressing the alleged sexual harassment of students by construction workers on campus.

This cover is cool.

Natasha Backman commented to encourage people to sign an online petition in support of LGBTQ students at Catholic University after the school cancelled a film screening of Milk over concerns of LGBTQ advocacy. Right, because the best way to stop a group from rallying around a cause and gather support and write petitions is to needlessly cancel one of their film screenings.

Please share this petition in response!

Finally, a couple Vox commenters are being mean to GW on their sponsored blog post. Princess Dermatologist had this to “say:”



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