Right Rides promises free rides for women, LGBTQ people starting on Halloween

The Collective Action for Safe Spaces is starting a program aimed at delivering safe transportation for women and LGBTQ individuals, two groups who typically face the most danger or discrimination on public transportation. Right Rides launches on Halloween at midnight and will operate mainly around U Street, NW.

Right Rides relies on women volunteers to be drivers and will employ three donated Zipcars. Zipcar is helping with background checks on potential drivers.

“We identified the need for RightRides through the numerous stories of late night sexual harassment and sexual assault that come up in the news and are submitted to our blog, including harassment assaults perpetrated by public transit workers and taxi drivers,” Julia Strange, a Right Rides director, said last year, according to DCist. “Though as an organization we recognize that culture change is the only way to truly eliminate sexual assault, we want to make sure that women and LGBTQ individuals have a safe and affordable transportation option home in the meantime.”

The Halloween launch will be part of a pilot program to identify the possible demand for Right Rides and to fine-tune how many cars and drivers are needed.

Vox hopes Right Rides is more reliable than Georgetown’s Safe Rides program, which seems to be a little shaky lately.

h/t DCist

Photo: Right Rides

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