Twuesday Tweetacular: Harvard football wears funny pants


Well Georgetown HecklerVox is convinced that the mind behind the billboard is a resident of Georgetown who’s still bitter that he didn’t realize moving into the neighborhood meant bearing with loud underaged drinkers at least three nights a week.

While Harvard went back to Cambridge with a 34-3 victory, Hoya Blue points out that even though Georgetown football might not be winning, at least blue and gray is way more stylish.

I hate to make matters worse for you, Rachel Anderson, but you’re about to add “no sleep” to your list, as you will be waking up in your Henle to the loud sounds of a war zone, i.e. the construction of the Northeast Triangle dorm.

Something tells Vox that chicken finger thursday is the only incentive for Georgetown Hot Mess, or any Hoya, to get swiped into Leo’s.

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