This Week in the Voice: The exclusivity of campus cultural groups

feature1In this week’s featureVox Assistant Editor Kenneth Lee explores students’ experiences in cultural groups on campus and the barriers created between international and American students within these groups.

Daniel Kim (COL ‘17), a Korean-American Maryland native, arrived at a general body meeting of the Korean Student Association his freshmen year hoping to connect with other Korean students. He quickly realized, however, that the KSA primarily exists as an organization for international Korean students, and lost his desire to be involved after attending just one general body meeting.

News reports on the proposed third-year meal plan requirement and the Main Campus Executive Faculty’s work to address grade inflation and disparities across departments.

Leisure gives us a sneak preview into the Theatre Department and Performance Studies and Black Theatre Ensemble’s co-production of In The Red and Brown Water.

In Sports, Editor Chris Castano discusses the importance of instilling intimidation and fear into young athletes rather than just upstanding values of sportsmanship.

In Voices, Laura Kurek recounts her experience of running in the Boston Marathon and presents how running in marathons reveals the positive nature in humans.

Lastly, the Editorial Board denounces the University’s consideration to implement a 3rd year meal plan requirement.

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