Comments of the Week: Leo’s to rake in the cash money

Last week, in utter bewilderment, Vox reported on the University’s consideration of a third-year meal plan requirement. In addition to that nonsense, student leaders spoke out against the potential consolidation of the campus’ safe spaces, and Vox gave an update on the now in effect construction changes coming to campus.

University Accountant gave some insight into the real reasons the University wants to have more students cramming into Leo’s.

If you guys had any clue how completely screwed we are financially, you wouldn’t be complaining.

DR, meanwhile, offered a defense of taking the LGBTQ Resource Center, the Women’s Center, and the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access and mashing them all together.

Consolidation makes sense for a number of reasons. Most importantly, there is always another group that requests space and other resources; a consolidated space can allow for outreach to a more diverse group of students and reduce the self-segregation that often occurs with the current model. Dever and other LGBT activists should not be afraid of greater contact with students from multicultural backgrounds, but treat it as an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Don’t fear diversity.

Right, because everyone knows that LGBTQ people, women, and people of color all have the same needs and problems and should have to use the same resource center.

And finally, Adam, in the face of comment trolls against GW’s ad on Vox, offered an eloquent, spirited defense of the program.

I got my degree from there. Good stuff!

Cicero couldn’t have done a better job himself.

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