You dirty rat: D.C. ranks as third ‘rattiest’ city

Whoever said that mice are nice clearly never had unwelcome rodents lurking in his or her apartment complex.

According to a study conducted by Orkin, Washington, D.C. ranks as the third ‘rattiest’ city in the U.S, beaten by only Los Angeles and Chicago. The pest control company compiled these rankings based on the number of rat treatments it performed in 2013.

While it might not be the most scientific of rankings, to any D.C. resident it should seem pretty accurate. The recent construction boom in the city has only aggravated the rat factor. In fact, last year the city actually hired a rat consultant (there’s that dream job you have always wanted) and hosted a series of rat summits (no, sadly this was not a conference of rats) to educate the populace on ways to reduce the number of rodents.

D.C.’s rat consultant Robert Corrigan explained that there is a correlation between the population density of a city and the number of rats. The average person produces nearly five pounds of trash per day, and nearly a third of that is wasted food. Corrigan said that this is what draws in the vermin.

The Georgetown campus has certainly experienced its fair share of these unwanted neighbors. In spring 2013 a GUSA ticket basically ran a platform on killing the campus rats, and a friend of Vox even admitted to finding a dead rat randomly lying on the floor of his Nevils earlier this semester (ew).

While Remy seems like a great guy, Vox would prefer not to share her kitchen space with any ratty dinner guests.

Photo: Sonja Pauen via flickr

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  1. whenever I run out of money and meal swipes, I just strangle some oversized rats for my daily protein intake

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