This Week in the Voice: The lingering ghost of the Campus Plan

feature3In this week’s feature, Assistant News Editor Shalina Chatlani explores the impact of the 2010 Campus Plan on student life, as well as the influence of the Georgetown community’s interests on the plan.

Throughout the discussion on the development of Georgetown’s campus, the general community’s interests have been prioritized above those of the students. With the July 2018 deadline just around the corner, the question of Georgetown’s status among other schools and the role of the neighborhood in the future of the University’s plans, given the reality of construction’s impact on the budget and student life, seriously needs to be addressed.

News covers the candidates who are running to be student representatives in the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Leisure reviews the Mask and Bauble Society’s first show of the season, Inherit the Wind, which would kick off the student group’s 163rd season.

Sports discusses the phenomenon of feuds between basketball players in the NBA and figures in pop culture, specifically the current feud between Kevin Durant and Lil B.

In Voices, Vox Editor Emeritus Isabel Echarte writes all the way from Buenos Aires about what coffee culture has to say about understanding a society.

Lastly, the Editorial Board praises the federal judges ruling that the Virginia Republicans gerrymandering is unconstitutional on grounds of violating the Fourteenth Amendment.

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