Comments of the Week: GU Pride is a thing, dude

Last week on Vox, a flyer at the Leavey Center’s new temporary entrance protested accessibility issues, the D.C. government announced plans to close a major homeless shelter, Blue and Gray changed their campus tour routes around campus construction, and a rabbi at a synagogue at Georgetown was arrested for voyeurism.

Meanwhile, Catholic University seems to have read the Voice‘s editorial and decided to reverse its decision on a cancelled Milk screening. A self-purported fact checker—we have a lot of those around Vox—tried to deny the hard-earned existence of GU Pride. Hey, maybe people already forgot that it’s still OUTober. Here’s the somewhat alarming (confused?) comment from What, which attempted to establish a link between abortion and LGBTQ students.

You say “Does not even have an official LGBTQ student group” as if Georgetown supports the one here (or H*yas for Choice).

Ancient Alumnus, on the topic of campus construction, reminded us millennials that our ancestors had it worse.

You should have been on the Hilltop to experience “the Big Dig” in 1968-1969, when huge new HVAC pipes were installed from one end of the campus to the other. Big machines everywhere, the walk from what’s now Red Square to Healy completely torn up, lots of “beep-beep” noise from the construction equipment as the machines backed up for another dig, and mud, mud, mud, everywhere. Hoyas were forced to leave their Weejuns in the closet and break out the LL Bean hunting boots for months on end.

Finally, in 2014, some people might live on Soylent Green, but sustainable tells Vox that she lives on a, perhaps, more wholesome food.

whenever I run out of money and meal swipes, I just strangle some oversized rats for my daily protein intake

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