D.C. voter’s guide has upside down flag

When Vox got his mail the other day he noticed something very strange about the D.C. voter’s guide: the Washington, D.C. flag on it was upside down. Vox isn’t the only one to realize the blunder. In fact, the D.C. Board of Elections says it’s not a blunder at all but a clever way to generate buzz and voter turnout for this Nov. 4 election.

That’s right. They’re trying to play this mistake smoothly. A spokesperson for the Board of Elections said that it’s part of an online game where voters will identify the mistake on the front cover, according to DCist.

But, like Vox, some members of the government just aren’t buying it.

“This is yet another example of the type of glaring mistakes that continues to occur,” Chair of the Committee on Government Operations Kenyan McDuffie said in a statement, according to DCist. “This mistake, in addition to the concerns raised during Committee oversight hearings, undermines the public’s confidence in the Board’s ability to administer elections. The Executive Director must be held accountable.”

Come to think of it, this sort of thing is brilliant. Vox can play this game too. Any time a commenter points out a typo, Vox will just name them as the daily winner of Vox‘s new Find the Daily Typo game. Prizes include a misplaced sense of achievement and self-worth.

Photo: Ryan Greene/Vox Populi

h/t DCist

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