Last Week on Halftime: Remember, nature is undefeated

Editor’s note: This Week in Halftime is now Last Week on Halftime and will be posted every Monday.

Our Halftime staffers got pretty intense—with politics and Soccer influencing one another, trips into the wilderness, and further thought-provoking assessments.

Focusing on the international stage, Pietro Bartoli reports on an intense soccer match that included a free drone fly-over.

What cannot be denied is the explosion of violence following the arrival of the drone. Serbian ultras (particularly passionate fans) began to cheer when the flag first appeared, but the emotion quickly turned sour when the flag’s pro-Albanian nature became clear… Serbian player Stefan Mitrovic leapt to bring the flag down. The fans joy was immediately countered by the anger of Albanian players, who confronted Mitrovic. A scuffle soon began between the teams that included bench players. Officials were drawn in as they tried to restore order.

Pizza-Socio-Scientist Katherine Landau tests the willingness to travel for pizza, provided the pizza is ridiculously good.

The pizzas that covered our table were as diverse our personalities. I had constructed a vegetarian’s paradise of a pizza, full of veggie goodness and pesto and falafel bits. To my left there was a white pizza, fitting a more conservative friend. On the right we had a garlic and oil pizza with eggplant and other adventurous things. Across from me was a pizza decked out flavorfully in meat and sun-dried tomatoes. On one diagonal you had one that was “just way too spicy,” and on the other diagonal a pizza covered daringly with an egg.

Jay Benjamin switches the focus to two SEC underdogs, who probably shouldn’t be seen as “under” anything at this point.

The success of the Mississippi schools has been so surprising not because of the teams themselves, but rather because of the culture that has been created surrounding them. Both teams have, for the last several decades, been seen as perennial cellar-dwellers within the loaded SEC. Even in successful years… the Rebels seemed to take teams by surprise. They were not considered to be in the conference’s upper echelon in the way that LSU, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Auburn historically have been…Mississippi teams by and large seemed to be considered inconsequential within the SEC.

And Connor Letendre and friends geared up and showed nature who’s boss (spoiler: still probably nature) in their Columbus Day Weekend adventure to Shenandoah National Park.

Our troubles began when a store selling the firewood claimed to have run out of firewood. Fortunately, we were able to take the scraps from the store’s wood storage. The struggle continued, as all of the kindling was far too wet to be of any use. Our luck held out as we brought an ample supply of both The Voice and The Hoya as a substitute. (For those keeping count, The Voice proved to be much better kindling, likely due to its superior journalism and paper density.) Following only a handful of second-degree burns, we had a fire to last us the evening.

Photo: Connor Letendre/Halftime

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