Twuesday Tweetacular: Boxing, stupid Cuse athletes, and (of course) construction


You’re totally right, Georgetown Heckler. Nothing says cura personalis quite like a punching bag to the face with the Healy clock tower chiming in your ear every fifteen minutes.

According to Casual Hoya, apparently Cuse fans do not have to deal with the stinging pain of athletes being academically ineligible. We may not have made the NCAA tournament, but at least our athletes have some standards!

Vox not only agrees with Justin Chen‘s resentment of group messages that contain irrelevant jargon, but Vox also appreciates the redefinition of Voldemort as a she.

Well Jack, if only the Georgetown neighbors felt the same way as the construction workers, maybe we wouldn’t be trapped by a wall of “do not enter” signs.

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