Concert Preview: Title Fight and Circa Survive at the Fillmore

This fall, two of the most incredible bands making heavy rock music are coming to the D.C. area. Post-hardcore/indie rock bands Circa Survive and Title Fight play the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MA on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $26.50.

Both bands are scene veterans with big followings. The crowd at this show will be rough and rowdy, and both Circa Survive and Title Fight thrive in that environment.

Hailing from Kingston, PA, Title Fight have been honing their musical abilities for over a decade. The Last Thing You Forget, a compilation of their first few EPs, is a youthful masterpiece of up-tempo, abrasive post-hardcore.

Tracks like “Symmetry” and “Neck Deep” show off how frantic and intense Title Fight strives to be. Expect the crowd to lose it if any of these early favorites are played.

But Title Fight has come a long way since their early discography. Their most recent full-length, Floral Green, is an ambitious project, capturing multiple elements of 90s emo with its more subdued approach and introspection. Listen to the way “Like a Ritual” fades out into the thick bass intro of “Secret Society.

In 2013, Title Fight released their “Spring Songs” EP, which shines with creative riffing and a new attempt at originality. This is the closest Title Fight release to “indie,” and that’s a good thing, but this band still makes music with the same punk ethic it always has.

Title Fight is currently working on their next full-length with expert producer Will Yip, but no details have come out yet.

Circa Survive is an equally impressive and experienced band. Also over a decade old, Circa Survive have a much more experimental style compared to most other bands with the “post-hardcore” label, incorporating elements of shoegaze and all that good, noisy stuff.

At the end of the day, labels only give readers an approximate idea of what a band sounds like. Circa Survive’s last full-length, Violent Waves, speaks for itself. The intro track, “Birth of the Economic Hit Man,” skillfully blends moments of swelling intensity and dialing down the volume.

Lead singer Anthony Green has an entrancing, clear voice that matches Circa Survive’s guitar tones very well.

Circa Survive has a new full-length, Descensus, coming out later in November. No singles have been released yet, but Green has called this record Circa’s “most aggressive” yet.

Title Fight and Circa Survive play the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MA on Nov. 6 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $26.50.

Photo: Circa Survive via Facebook

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