Comments of the Week: The Henle uprising

Last week Vox covered accessibility concerns over the construction detour paths, Ronald Klain‘s (CAS ’83) decision to stop teaching his Georgetown class and become the U.S. Ebola coordinator, and the tragic death of former SFS Dean Carol Lancaster (SFS ’64).

After Henle’s brave revolutionists put up a banner in Red Square decrying the Reiss Walkway closure, Henle Resistance took to the Vox comment section to voice her support of the coming revolution.

This is only the start of the revolution. They cannot keep us in a cage. More to come. #FreeHenle #VivaLaFishBowl

When Vox described Muriel Bowser‘s 12 point lead in the polls as “commanding,” Pop M delivered some pre-election optimism for David Catania and argued that this election isn’t over by a long-shot.

13% for the D candidate at two weeks out is far far far from any type of “commanding lead”. You must be returning from a galaxy far far far away or not very familiar with polling on this race. Bowser’s support plummeted since the primary back in April 2014 (remember?). 20% or more of her current vote total describes themselves as “soft” meaning they could switch. Finally, while Schwartz is polling at a decent (given her long long long absence from local electoral politics), it seems likely that as her momentum stalled from the moment she announced, her vote may disappear or evaporate in the actual voting booth. It is almost a miracle shot for anyone other than the D to win this election given the demographics of the electorate. But the final factor is that Bowser has demonstrated the extraordinary potential to lose by being too cautious and too tied to the status quo (corruption and all). it just might could happen. Don’t set your type for “Bowser Beats Catania” headlines as yet ….

And, finally, Constance J. Freeman took the time to write a very thoughtful comment remembering Lancaster.

I wish to join the Georgetown community in mourning the passing of Carol Lancaster. She made many important contributions in the field of foreign assistance and development and I was most privileged to work with her on several occasions. She and her ideas will be sorely missed.

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