Last Week on Halftime: Getting deep from the passenger’s seat

Halftime got lost daydreaming again—this time about superhero movies and BPL soccer.

Sri Ramesh calls ‘em as he sees ‘em—if you were wondering what’s been going on in the BPL lately, he’s your guy.

“4. Liverpool Might Be in Trouble

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Liverpool lack quality in their squad. They have struggled for much of the season, and QPR exposed their deficiencies on Saturday. QPR are a really bad team.  They’re sitting at the bottom of the table with four points and a negative 12 goal difference, with just one win and one draw. That should make it all the more worrying that Liverpool left Loftus Road with a very, very, very lucky three points. The Reds were atrocious, particularly in the first half. Shockingly bad defending lead to some fantastic chances for QPR, with Leroy Fer rattling the bar twice. QPR were unlucky not to be in the lead after a dominant first half performance.”

Graham Piro gets stoked about the future full of superhero movies, as the shared universe seems to only be getting bigger—for both Marvel and DC.

“Ever since Christopher Nolan’s sublime Dark Knight trilogy came to an end, DC has been searching for a way to keep up with Marvel’s phases. Last year’s Man of Steel was successful but did not make nearly as much money as DC and Warner Brothers wanted. The announcement that the Caped Crusader would join the Man in Tights in 2016’s awkwardly titled Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (which sounds like the best Supreme Court case ever) smacked of desperation. However, DC’s latest announcement could give it a leg-up on Marvel…”

Jay Benjamin gives us some insight on mid-season firings, but wouldn’t waste his time with a failing leader, if it was up to him:

“Athletic departments consider firing coaches midyear to shed a negative light upon the program. Athletic directors feel that firing a coach announces to the college football world that their program is in chaos and is simply giving up and starting over. Programs stick with their floundering coaches because they feel that mid-season firings are too caustic for a team’s public image.

In reality, however, prolonged periods of mediocrity under a coach can be even more damaging to a school’s reputation.”

And Erika Bullock proves that Uber has a lot more going for it than just its convenience.

“Riding in an UberX is perhaps the most commonplace reminder that getting from point A to point B is a part of my social experiences and not an impediment to them. This is a strange place for a revelation, I’m sure, but some of my most entertaining interactions have come from the padded comfort of an UberX passenger seat. I can clearly remember the conversation I had in an UberX at 5:30 in the morning, headed to a conference in downtown D.C.: the driver was originally from Morocco, and he proceeded to provide me with a rundown of Moroccan traditions and customs interspersed with restaurant recommendations in the DC area.”

Photo: Orlando Sentinel

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