This Week in the Voice: Georgetown’s Catholic identity and Catholic students

cover 10-30As a Catholic institution, Georgetown University’s position on contested issues might challenge the perspectives of certain groups and individuals. In this week’s feature, Caitriona Pagni and Ryan Greene discover a human side to public criticism and scrutiny of the University’s Catholic identity.

Caught in the middle of this debate are the students of Georgetown, particularly those who are practicing Catholics. Catholic students on campus widely reject the claim that Georgetown is not Catholic enough. “I think my time at Georgetown has been the time my faith has grown the most,” Kelly Kimball (NHS ‘16) said. Kimball attended public high school and said that Georgetown’s Jesuit values made the university stand out from the other schools she considered. “Coming to Georgetown was a new experience for me because I had never seen so many Catholic people, especially people my age,” she said.

News reports on Carry That Weight’s national day of collective action, which took place yesterday on campus and was organized in solidarity with sexual assault survivors and to raise further awareness of sexual assault’s pertinence.

Leisure reviews Nomadic Theatre’s boom, a three-person comedy about the apocalypse, God, casual sex, death, and science. boom opens today at the Walsh Black Box Theater.

In Sports, Georgetown’s football team loses its Homecoming game for the third year in a row, contributing to a four-game losing streak.

In Voices, Laura Kurek shows how just a ride on the Moscow Metro will demonstrate to an American outsider the complexities of respecting Russian culture.

The Editorial Board praises the University’s Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility on its willingness to engage with GU Fossil Free, and believes that the University administration should look to them as a model to stop considering proposals that ignore student interests.

Finally, Page 13 provides a compelling look at the dire humanitarian conditions inside District Henle.

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