Last Week on Halftime: Baseball ends as football heats up

Halftime‘s writers got all worked up about the end of the pro baseball season with the Giants’ win in the World Series as well as the release of the first-ever college football playoff rankings.

Alex Boyd wrote about San Francisco’s big win.

Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes back to the World Series MVP. Reviewing his World Series performance, I can hardly believe the numbers. One earned run over 21 innings pitched. That means, in a seven-game series of 63 innings, Bumgarner took care of one-third of the pitching. And that’s not even the best part. His ERA for the series-a jaw-dropping 0.43. He pitched on three days of the eight-day-long series, in both starting and relief roles, and he was untouchable the entire time. Keep in mind he’s only 25 years old. Giants manager Bruce Bochy is salivating over the rings Bumgarner can add to his collection over the next decade.

Danielle Hewitt reviews the cultural shift that has taken place on YouTube as the video-sharing website is now a pseudo-TV channel.

Seven or eight years ago, most people only visited YouTube to watch the latest viral video and, as a vlogger, bringing in one thousand subscribers was a miracle. You could set up a camera in your bedroom and, if you had new and interesting content, you could create a fanbase. But nowadays, successful YouTubers have over 5 million subscribers and make upwards of $1 million per year. With this sudden influx of popularity the YouTube community is moving away from the “Do-It-Yourself” stardom of the past towards a more traditional form of media.

Jay Benjamin reacts to the exciting release of the college football playoff rankings. College football is moving towards a playoff system that actually makes sense and pits the best teams against each other, tournament-style.

The most glaring fact about the opening top four is the fact that three of the teams are from the Southeastern Conference. Mississippi State, as one of only two power conference unbeaten teams, undoubtedly deserves their spot atop the rankings, as do #3 ranked Auburn, who boast a very strong non-conference win on the road at #9 ranked Kansas State. The most questionable SEC inclusion in the top four is #4 Ole Miss, who comes off of a 10-7 loss on the road against an average LSU team, albeit in the hostile environment of Death Valley. While Ole Miss’s dominant defense kept LSU’s offense in check, quarterback Bo Wallace and the Rebels’ offense struggled and will need to play much better throughout the rest of the season, including this week’s showdown with the aforementioned Auburn Tigers.

And, in the third installment of Free in D.C., Katherine Landau explores Roosevelt Island.

I emerged from the depths of Car Barn at 12:20, the sky much more ominous than how I had left it not long before. I decided, however, that the excursion was more important than keeping my hair dry, and that my backpack, laden with a laptop and two textbooks, wasn’t too heavy to take with me. Once on the Key Bridge, gusts of chilly, stormy winds whipped through my hair and my thin jacket, but looking west up the Potomac at the fiery trees kept my mind occupied. As per tradition, I looked back at Georgetown as it fell away, Healy Hall watching over me as it always does.

Photo: Katherine Landau/Halftime

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