This Week in the Voice: Is medical leave the best option?

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 4.29.07 PMIn this week’s feature, News Editor Julia Jester uncovers students’ experiences of taking medical leaves of absence and whether taking such time off really helps or hurts their Georgetown experience.

In recent years, the university has seen an increase in MLOAs, according to Associate Dean Sue Lorenson. “I think we see more leaves and I think that it’s because … we have a more diverse student body in terms of mental health issues than we used to,” she said. “Recognition of mental health issues is more sophisticated than it used to be which means that students who might not have felt comfortable being far from home or might have been concerned about their ability to succeed academically are doing fantastically well in competitive academic environments.”

News reports that the Georgetown University South East Asian Society’s Rangila will now be held at the Kennedy Center’s Opera House instead of Gaston Hall.

Leisure reviews the premiere of On the Origins of Species, written and directed by Georgetown Professor Natsu Onoda Power, which tells Charles Darwin‘s life story.

Sports reports on the women’s field hockey teams’s home win on Sunday, as well as the football team’s tough loss after nearly coming back on Saturday.

In Voices, Maddi Kaigh discusses the inappropriate language our culture uses when speaking about drugs, as well as how this affects our society.

Lastly, the Editorial Board discusses the pressing issue of harassment, and calls on the University to foster a dialogue on what should be done to address the issue.

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