Southwest Quad to get sand volleyball court

Get a towel and pack a cooler because the Southwest Quad is getting some beachfront property. Not really, it’s getting a new sand volleyball court.

The new recreational area was announced today via email by Robin Morey, vice president for planning and facilities management.

“This project was crafted out of a desire to give new life to otherwise underutilized space on campus, and was made possible through student collaboration with administrators on the Campus Life Working Group,” Morey wrote in his email. “This court will strengthen the living and learning environment on campus by creating new recreation opportunities in the Southwest Quad.”

Morey also noted that grilling areas were added to the Quad this year to improve the use of its space.

In a press release, GUSA Secretary of Space Connor Maytnier (COL ’17) said that the project has been in the works for over year as a way to revitalize the Quad.

Unlike all the other construction going on on campus this year, this project will take only a short amount of time to complete and no pedestrian pathways will be affected. The new volleyball court will be completed in early December.

Photo: Mike Vondran via Flickr

One Comment on “Southwest Quad to get sand volleyball court

  1. In my opinion, I think that this once again ruins green space on campus. Georgetown is freezing and/or raining several months a year. Sand does not look too good with puddles in the middle.

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