Prosecutors build case against Georgetown rabbi accused of voyeurism

D.C. prosecutors are not yet sure how to handle the case of Barry Freundel, the Georgetown rabbi charged with voyeurism last month for allegedly filming naked women in his synagogue’s ritual bath area. The prosecutors need more time to build a case and find other potential victims before deciding to offer Freundel a plea deal.

Freundel was allegedly seen installing hidden camera equipment in the Kesher Israel synagogue’s mikvah, or ritual bathing area. His arrest and the subsequent search of his Georgetown home led police to charge him with six counts of voyeurism, for which the rabbi may face up to six years in prison.

The U.S. attorney’s office is creating a website specifically for any potential victims of Freundel’s alleged voyeurism, according to The Washington Post. At Freundel’s last hearing, six victim advocates were present to help anyone who might have come forward as a potential victim.

A separate investigation is being conducted by Towson University, where Freundel taught before his suspension, because several students may have been filmed during a class trip to Freundel’s mikvah.

While it is not yet clear if Freundel will get a plea deal, it is clear that his chances of ever earning back “the Freundel sandwich” at a local deli are slim.

Photo: Mola Lenghi via Twitter

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