Photos: Fossil Free aches to meet with DeGioia

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On Friday afternoon, GU Fossil Free held a rally in Red Square. This time, the carbon fuel divestment group shouted and pleaded for a chance to meet with University President John DeGioia (COL ’79) and, like a stubborn Tinder match, they won’t give up until they see him face-to-face.

Fossil Free held the rally because they released their final divestment proposal at the end of the summer and recently met with the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility. Fossil Free is quite eager and calls for their proposal’s implementation as soon as possible.

At their Friday rally, it was all about getting a chance to meet with the big man himself. Fossil Free members held up large calendars with the dates marked off, asking “when are you free?”

Trust Vox: they might be clearing their calendars for a long time. The Voice gets a hold of DeGioia for just one interview a year.

Fossil Free currently hopes that DeGioia will accept their Facebook friend request and begin a friendly poke war to build rapport.

Photos: Vicki Lam/Georgetown Voice

3 Comments on “Photos: Fossil Free aches to meet with DeGioia

  1. Q: Have they tried signing up for DeGioia’s office hours?

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