GUSA obtains benefits for unrecognized student groups

Unrecognized student groups like H*yas for Choice and the Georgetown chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon have just come a lot closer to having equal footing with the other organizations on campus. GUSA announced last night a new partnership that allows unrecognized student groups access to many of the same benefits already enjoyed by official groups.

Unrecognized student groups will have their own area adjacent to recognized groups during Student Activities Fair, as well as dedicated storage space, faster classroom reservations, and printing services, all thanks to GUSA’s big, shiny budget and loving heart, according to a GUSA press release.

GUSA will operate a storage unit to be used by unrecognized student groups in Regents. Does this mean H*yas or Choice gets to store condoms there?

The new arrangement was approved by Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson, who wouldn’t let the University support these off-limits groups directly but apparently is okay with GUSA doing it instead. The guy likes semantics.

“We applaud Todd Olson’s decision to let unrecognized groups like H*yas for Choice, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and GU Fossil Free table at the Student Activities Fair,” GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) said in the press release. “Unrecognized groups have just as much to offer incoming students as school-sanctioned groups, so they should have equal access to major recruiting events.”

“GUSA will do all it can to make sure every student group’s needs are met,” Vice President Omika Jikaria said in the press release. “By providing access to storage space, room reservation, and printing through GUSA, we can ensure that the most pressing problems of unrecognized groups are alleviated.”

Vox really wants to know if there’s going to be a giant storeroom of condoms in Regents now, purely out of curiosity, of course.

Photo: Gavin Myers/Georgetown Voice

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