This Week in the Voice: Encore, encore!

theaterIn this week’s feature, Steven Criss, Lara Fishbane, Dayana Morales Gomez, and Chris Castano covered Georgetown’s four very different theater troupes and what they bring to Georgetown’s small but strong theater scene.

The founding members of Nomadic Theatre were previously members of the country’s oldest collegiate theater troupe, Mask and Bauble, but decided that they were not fully satisfied with the traditional kind of productions M&B had become known for. For them, there was only one option if they truly wanted to pursue the darker, edgier pieces they were passionate about. And so, they started Nomadic Theatre in an effort to make this daring artistic vision a reality. More than 30 years later, the troupe is still challenging the norms of theater.

News reports on the doubling of campus crime in October and November, compared to those same two months from last year.

In Leisure, Sam Kleinman raves on about The Hilltoss’ mad skills and good salads.

Sports covers football’s horrendous loss to Fordham.

Assistant Vox Editor Kenneth Lee argues against party crashing as a rude and inconsiderate endeavor.

And the Editorial Board believes Georgetown should crack down on fraternities for the good of the student body.

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