Bill Cosby rape allegations irrelevant to Ben’s Chili Bowl

3895719828_aef08ed1f8_oAllegations have arisen that sweater-wearing, encouraging, and often inspirational comedian Bill Cosby repeatedly raped a woman and may have sexually assaulted many more. While his image as “America’s dad” may be tarnished, Cosby can still rely on free food from Ben’s Chili Bowl.

The sexual assault allegations resurfaced by the end of last weekend, when an extensive string of women came forward accussing him of assaulting them. Cosby settled a civil lawsuit in 2006 after he was accused of rape by Andrea Constand. Cosby has so far remained largely silent on the accusations.

But Ben’s Chili Bowl doesn’t care. The classic D.C. restaurant has a long history with Cosby, who has supported Ben’s for years and is one of two people, the other being President Barack Obama, who can eat there for free.

“Cosby is part of our family,” Vida Ali, whose family owns Ben’s, said, according to Washington City Paper. Cosby still gets free food, and Ben’s isn’t going to take down that big mural of him painted on their wall.

Photo: mamojo via Flickr

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