Vox wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vox will be going offline for the remainder of the week to celebrate Thanksgiving Day–and recover from the subsequent food coma after she has eaten her weight in sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Unless the administration announces plans to construct a Southeast Rhombus Dorm, there will not be any more postings until we return to our usual schedule on Monday.
Without any new posts to troll, you will have an abundance of time to reflect on the true meaning of this holiday and enjoy consumerism at its finest.

Here are some things that Vox is most thankful for this Turkey Day:

“After a quiz and 3 papers due on the Eve of Thanksgiving break, Vox did not know how she would get through the week. From this, she realized how she should be thankful for all the little things at Georgetown. Vox is thankful for the three Chicken Madness sandwiches that she ate for three consecutive days. She is thankful for the anonymous note that she found in her cubicle that said “You can do it!” Most of all, as she was walking out of Lau at 4am, she heard the kind words of Pat, the Lau guard: “Have a great night and a great Thanksgiving!” That was just what Vox needed. And after 8 cups of coffee the next day (which she is extremely thankful for) she finished her papers and nailed her quiz!”

“I’m thankful for the best Voice staff in the whole wide earth (and the best newspaper staff at Georgetown).”

“For me, every Thanksgiving is a solemn reminder for me to give thanks that I am, in fact, not a turkey.”

And on that note, Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Photo: LadyDragonflyCC via flickr

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