Last Week on Halftime: Run when it’s not the fall, and ranking college football


As the Halftime staff comes back to a chilly campus after some turkey, they keep us warm with some tips on fighting the cold winter blues with exercise and sports insights!

Although Vox finds it very hard to have any ambition to exercise when the snow starts replacing the leaves on the trees in the winter, she appreciated Lara Fishbane’s insights on how to enjoy winter runs and fight the urge to choose Netflix over exercise.

By the time I was three blocks away from my Henle, I was ready to turn around and call it quits. I should have worn two shirts … and gloves … and one of those cool headbands that cover your ears, I think. But, I calmly remind myself that the first few minutes of running are always the hardest and find the strength to keep going.

In the age of computer generated systems that have changed the dynamics of stats and rankings, Jay Benjamin explains the controversy of the metric “Game Control,” which ranks college football teams based on the degree of how they won their games.

The use of game control has raised many questions since the rankings’ unveiling: Why is Game Control just being mentioned now, in the third week of the committee’s rankings? Why do results in the first and second quarter matter if a team wins games? And why is undefeated Marshall, undoubtedly the nation’s game-controllingest team, with an average margin of victory of over 30 points per game, excluded from the top 25?

Alex Boyd takes us on a journey into the career of one of the loudest coaches of one of the worst teams in the NFL, Rex Ryan.

I know the future for the Jets may look bleak, but history shows that New York can always count on Rex Ryan.  His record may not be great, nor is his attitude, but he’s got other things going for him. He has a .500 success rate on challenges, so that’s not bad I guess.  I’m sure there are other positives…they’ll come to me eventually.

While basketball and football hog the headlines, Steve Filocomo changes it up and offers an off-season M.L.B. preview of the National League Central.

The Cardinals head into the offseason with a team comprised of excellent young pitching that carries them to the playoffs seemingly every year. After losing to the Red Sox in the World Series in 2013, manager Mike Matheny led his team to the National League Championship Series in 2014. However, outdone by Madison Bumgarner and the Giants, the Cardinals now must focus on getting their squad over the hump and into another World Series.

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