A Shot Against Sexual Assault promotes positive message about consent

In recent weeks, a new project known as “A Shot Against Sexual Assault” has had an increasing presence on social media to introduce a positive message to the college party scene and encourage discourse about sexual assault.

The venture was created and founded by Katrina Vassell (MSB ’17) and Kait Wildes (MSB ‘17). In an effort to initiate that conversation, Vassell and Wildes are selling shot glasses engraved with the phrase “Consent is Sexy”.

“Consent is Sexy” has been coined and repeated at college campuses around the nation, including Columbia University, where one student who had suffered sexual assault began carrying her mattress to make a statement. This inspired two Georgetown students to start their project in accordance with the Columbia University mattress initiative.

“We wanted to do something similar that would have a positive impact here at Georgetown. We chose the phrase “Consent is Sexy” to convey this serious message in an empowering and positive way,” Vassell said.

Once certain they wanted to make an effort to raise awareness and money for a nonprofit organization, Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), they put their heads together. “Since sexual assault impacts everyone on campus, we wanted to spread awareness in an environment where it had the most impact,” said Vassell. “At least 50% of college sexual assaults occur when alcohol is involved. Our message is not meant to condemn drinking or sex, but rather to encourage people who do engage in these activities to do so safely and with consent.”

Shot glasses will be on sale soon, and customers can now pre-order their shot glass for $4.00 via Facebook message. Orders will officially be made once more than 200 sales have taken place.

Vassell and Wildes consider the project to be ongoing. “We see ourselves selling the shot glasses to sororities and fraternities and to other college campuses,” Vassell said.

She also hopes that students will be sparked by the glasses and pick up an interest in further deliberation regarding sexual assault. “This discussion is one that needs to continue,” Vassel said.

Photo: A Shot Against Sexual Assault via Facebook

2 Comments on “A Shot Against Sexual Assault promotes positive message about consent

  1. Okay, I’ll say it. It’s more than a little bit ridiculous that THIS is a strategy to combat sexual assault. You can’t encourage BOTH binge drinking and affirmative consent.

    If people can’t consent to having sex when they’re drunk, don’t encourage them to binge drink and have sex. Jesus Christ.

  2. I agree. There is no way in hell that any drunk kid will take this campaign seriously- good effort, A for creativity- but the whole thing will just bring a barrel of laughs to kids at parties.

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