This Week in the Voice: The Best of 2014

In this week’s feature, Voice staffers recommend their best movies and albums of 2014 as the new year beckons. Among their top choices include Boyhood and Gone Girl for the best movies and Mac Demarco’s Salad Days and Hozier’s Hozier for the best albums.

The Editorial Board questions whether proposed plans for a “Spirit of Georgetown Residential Academy” in the newly renovated former Jesuit residences have a concrete and unique contribution to the campus community.

In News, Ryan Miller reports on a petition, collectively submitted by the 2014-15 academic year RAs earlier this week, which seeks clarification and revision of their terms of employment.

Sports delivers a gripping recap of the men’s soccer team’s win over Syracuse last Saturday that allows the team to advance to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament.

Sabrina Kayser takes a look at Chinese landscape paintings from the Yuan Dynasty in the Freer Gallery of Art’s newest exhibition in Leisure.

Claire Derriennic reflects on Mike Brown and Ferguson as a white ally in Voices.

Last, but certainly not least, Page 13 gives us an overview of Georgetown University’s Saturnalia celebrations…?

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