President Obama announces Ashton Carter as his next pick for defense secretary

Earlier today, President Barack Obama announced the nomination of Ashton Carter as his pick for the next defense secretary of the United States. This announcement came only one and a half weeks after Chuck Hagel, former defense secretary, submitted his formal resignation.

Carter will be Obama’s fourth defense secretary in the last six years. He formerly worked as a Pentagon official and has served eleven different defense secretaries.

Serving the Pentagon in a variety of roles, Carter held the second-to-command position, only stepping down one year ago this month. His nomination is held in confidence by defense officials and lawyers on both sides, and he has received approval by the White House, the GOP, and the military—a rarity in this day.

“With a record of service that has spanned more than 30 years …. Ash is widely regarded as one of our nation’s national security leaders,” said President Obama, according to NBC News. Such experience has given Obama credence that Carter is more than fit for the position to face the challenges that will be presented to him.

It is rumored that Carter was passed over when Obama nominated Hagel as defense secretary just over a year ago according to The Washington Post. Perhaps, the Post detailed, Obama made a mistake in doing so.

Hagel, still in charge of the Pentagon until the Senate can vote on Carter’s nomination in early 2015, is in support of the president’s nominee, calling Carter a “patriot and a leader”. Carter has vocalized the honor he feels at this call to duty, promising that should he be elected, he will give the president sound advice.

Photo: OSD Deputy Secretary of Defense via flickr

One Comment on “President Obama announces Ashton Carter as his next pick for defense secretary

  1. Wait, so is there any Georgetown or even DC relevance to this post? Other than that Hagel was a SFS professor for four years??

    Also, Chuck Hagel is still Secretary of Defense, pending Carter’s confirmation.

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