GUPD confirms the Healy clock hands were stolen

In the wee hours of the morning as most Georgetown students were fast asleep (or extremely delirious after pulling an all-nighter in Lau), the hands of the iconic Healy clock tower were found to be missing. Georgetown University Police Department Chief of Police Jay Gruber has confirmed with Vox that this was not an action taken by the Georgetown administration.

“The hands were not taken down by the University,” Gruber wrote in an email to Vox. “We are actively investigating this crime.” Similarly, Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh said, “We did not remove them and are looking into who did.”

Although security has allegedly increased in recent years to deter the thefts, this has not prevented students from capturing the hands every five to six years—most recently in the fall of 2005 and in spring of 2012.

Unlike the last time the hands were stolen, Vox has neither received photo evidence from the thieves nor any word on their current whereabouts. (Perhaps they are on their merry way to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis.)

Vox will be keeping a sharp eye out for the masterminds behind this year’s Healy Clock Hand Heist, so continue to check in later this week for updates.

Photo: Marisa Hawley/The Georgetown Voice

2 Comments on “GUPD confirms the Healy clock hands were stolen

  1. Interesting though, that Georgetown’s communications office decided to post about it on Facebook with an obligatory hashtag. Refusing to condone the crime while raking in the social media love (and possible alum donations)?

  2. ^ This screams conspiracy. Georgetown has every motive in the world to take down the clock hands themselves and post about it looking for donations. SMH @Patrick Killillee

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