Late Marion Barry’s son to run for vacated council seat

On Monday, January 5, Marion Christopher Barry, son of Marion Barry, announced his plans to run for his late father’s council seat.

Barry, who passed away in November of 2014, served as both DC Mayor and DC Council Member. A special election will be held on April 28, 2015 to select his successor for the council seat.

According to the Washington Post, Barry’s son formerly referred to himself by his middle name Christopher, but following his father’s passing, he asked to be called “Marion”.

The 35-year-old is to be joined by about two-dozen other candidates vying for his father’s seat on the council. However, Barry’s name by assumption will carry a weight that other hopeful candidates will not have.

Barry enters the election with not only a name passed down from his father, but also with a record. Since his mother Effi Slaughter Barry’s cancer-related passing in 2007, he has been arrested on several occasions and even faced drug charges. Late last year, just following his father’s death, he entered a plea deal with respect to driving when his license had been revoked.

Despite these charges, Barry has remained hopeful, tweeting “It’s official I’m running for Ward 8 Council member. Ward 8 the legacy continues, I’m energized, let’s go!”

Barry’s mission aligns with a hope his father once had for a family dynasty in DC politics. Since November, he has taken a larger interest in local politics, attending council meetings and other DC political events. He also served as a primary speaker at his father’s memorial events.

The young politician has garnered support from the people, especially through social media and public appearances. Perhaps this chance is a new chapter in young Barry’s political career and life. Some of the public appear ready for the next Barry generation. Christian Addison, among others, noted his support for Barry.

Photo: Tom Bridge via flickr

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