Georgetown’s Our Campus Story teaches Vox five invaluable life lessons

There is only one thing that Vox desires more than a holistic liberal arts education, free WiFi, and a bottle of Barefoot pink moscato—and that is to receive updates on what her fellow classmates are doing at all hours of the day.

Luckily for her, Christmas came a whole 355 days early this year when she returned to campus and found a gift from Snap Chat: Our Campus Story. Originally launched in October at UCLA, USC, Penn State, and UT Austin, this ingenius app provides 24/7 coverage—to anyone on campus grounds—of the insanely shocking and outrageous things other students are doing, like eating at Leo’s, studying, or even interacting with their peers.

Vox has found that after intently studying the behavior of Georgetown students through this new app, her eyes have been opened to five invaluable facts of campus life that she will generously share with you:

5. Georgetown students go to parties. Vox thinks that after watching 160 seconds in a row of people singing, dancing, and holding completely inconspicious red solo cups with their friends this past Saturday night, it is safe to conclude that Georgetown students do, in fact, go to parties.

4. Just stay inside. Speaking of going out, a few of our fellow Hoyas who have bravely ventured out into the wild outdoors of Georgetown are kind enough to give constant temperature updates. (Because the Yahoo weather app simply does not cut it.) Plus, with all of those blurry images of icy sidewalks and cloudy gray skies, Vox never even has to leave her computer apartment to know what the weather is!

3. Embrace your inner basicness: This goes out to the fabulous betches who want the world to know that they just turned 21. Don’t let the jealous haters get you down. Yes, I am talking to you, girls dancing shamelessly on the table to Taylor Swift holding a handle of Burnett’s in one hand and a selfie stick in the other. Work it. Own it.

2. It’s all about that caption…And how many times you can quote Drake. Bonus points will also be awarded to those who can communicate an entire night’s story solely through emojis.

1. Trust no one. Remember that time when you were performing your best Christopher Walken impersonation in the common room and you asked your best friend if he was taking a snap chat of you? Well, he was lying. But hey, your International Relations professor thought it was funny too!

Photo: Georgetown Our Campus Story via Snap Chat

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